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Product Name: Agusta A109 C Model
Code: Agusta A109 C
Category: Helicopters
Company: Agusta
Era: Recent
Body Length :16.00 inches [40.60 cm.] Height : 4.30 inches [10.90 cm.]
Wing Span : 13.60 inches [34.50 cm.] Scale : 1:32 • Registration: No reg available
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A desk stand (solid mahogany or solid mahogany with stainless steel arm) is included in the price of the model. The choice can be made after clicking the "Add to Cart" button.

Production approximately 8-10 weeks from date of order confirmation
DHL courier regular service (Within 3 5 Business Days)
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Model Specific Information

The A-109 is a high performance twin helicopter, one of the most successful in its class during the course of its 25 year history.


The first of four A-109 prototypes flew on August 4 1971. VFR certification was awarded on June 1 1975 although series production had already begun in 1974. First production deliveries took place in late 1976. The helicopter was originally named Hirundo, but this name was later dropped. Single pilot IFR certification was granted in January 1977.


The base A-109A was superseded by the upgraded A-109A Mk.II from September 1981. Improvements incorporated in the Mk.II included a greater transmission rating, redesigned tailboom and a new tail rotor driveshaft, improved rotor blade life and modern avionics. The Mk.II is also available in widebody configuration with increased internal volume courtesy of bulged fuselage side panels and reshaped fuel tanks under the cabin floor. The Mk.II Plus has the more powerful 250-C20R1 engines, as does the A-109C. The 109C also has composite rotor blades.


The A-109K first flew in April 1983 and is powered by two 470kW (640shp) max continuous operation rated Turbom�ca Arriel 1K1 turboshafts. The latest A-109 model is the PW-206C powered (477kW/640shp takeoff rated) A-109E Power, which first flew on February 8 1995 and was certificated in August 1996. Based on the A-109K-2 it also features a strengthened landing gear and improved main rotor. The engines feature FADEC.


The A-109 has been developed into a number of mission specific configurations. Aside from executive transport it is used widely in medevac, police and patrol roles worldwide. Previously medevac configured A-109As were based on the standard airframe, but modifications engineered by the US firm Custom Aircraft Completions resulted in the A-109 Max, with transverse stretcher stowage and bulged side door transparencies.



A109A: The first production model, powered by two Rolls-Royce Model 250-C20 turboshaft engines. It made its first flight on 4 August 1971. Initially, the A109 was marketed under the name of "Hirundo" (Latin for the swallow bird) but this was dropped within a few years.

A109A EOA: Military version for the Italian Army.
A109A Mk II: Upgraded civilian version of the A109A.
A109A Mk.II MAX: Aeromedical evacuation version based on A109A Mk.II with extra wide cabin and access doors hinged top and bottom, rather than to one side
A109B: Unbuilt military version.
A109C: Eight-seat civil version, powered by two Rolls-Royce Model 250-C20R-1 turboshaft engines.
A109C MAX: Aeromedical evacuation version based on A109C with extra wide cabin and access doors hinged top and bottom, rather than to one side
A109D: One prototype only

A U.S. Coast Guard MH-68A StingrayAW109E Power: Upgraded civilian version, initially powered by two Turbomeca Arrius 2K1 engines . Later the manufacturer introduced an option for two Pratt & Whitney PW206C engines to be used - both versions remain known as the A109E Power
A109E Power Elite: stretched cabin version of A109E Power. This variant, which is operated by the RAF, has a glass cockpit with two complete sets of pilot instruments and navigation systems, including a three-axis autopilot, an auto-coupled Instrument Landing System and a satellite-based Global Positioning System. There is also a Moving Map Display, weather radar and a Traffic Alerting System.
A109LUH: Military LUH "Light Utility Helicopter" variant based on the A109E Power. Operators include South African Air Force as well as Sweden and Malaysia
MH-68A Stingray: Eight A109E Powers used by the United States Coast Guard Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron Jacksonville (HITRON Jacksonville) as short range armed interdiction helicopters.

A109K2: High altitude and high temperature operations with fixed wheels rather than the retractable wheels of most A109 variants. Typically used by police, search and rescue, and air ambulance operators
A109M: Military version.
A109KM: Military version for high altitude and high temperature operations.
A109KN: Naval version.
A109CM: Standard military version.
A109GdiF: Version for Guardia di Finanza, the Italian Finance Guard
A109BA : Version created for the Belgian Army.
AW109S Grand: Lengthened Cabin upgraded civilian version with two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW207 engines.
CA109: Chinese version of A109, manufactured by Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation under license


Military operators

South African Air Force AW109LUH
Royal Australian Navy
723 Squadron RAN
Belgian Air Component
Carabineros de Chile
Hellenic Air Force
Malaysian Army
Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
Army Air Corps
Empire Test Pilots' School
Royal Air Force
United States Coast Guard


Copyright and Wikipedia, some information Copyright Aerospace Publications


General Information

Our Agusta A109 C Model scale model helicopter exhibits unique, unrivalled quality and detailed design to come as close as possible to the accuracy of the actual helicopter. It comes standard with a robust , durable base or stand which is available in a variety of different finishes designed to match your own personal requirements including solid wood, wood with polished chrome steel supports or adjustable wood wall mount and will be ready within about 8-10 weeks from placement of order.

The 109 model helicopter is made of the finest kiln dried renewable mahogany wood (commonly known as Lauan or Meranti) which has undergone many stages of carving and meticulous and careful sanding giving the beautiful finished museum quality masterpiece. Many collectors and model connoisseurs demonstrate their preference for genuine handmade and hand painted mahogany wood models rather than plastic, resin or die cast (diecast) alternatives due to the overall look and totally different feel of the item - we trust you will find the same. Our craftsmen and gifted artisans ensure that our finely handcrafted model helicopter match the precise blueprint details of the original helicopter. The 109C model helicopters paint scheme, markings and parts are closely matched, reflecting the original 109-C . This top-quality 109 replica will surely enthral anyone who receives this stylish desktop display as a gift. This 109 model helicopter is for sure one of the most appropriate and desirably collectable gifts for every aviation enthusiast and avid aircraft collector whilst also displaying a perfect resemblance to the actual Agusta A109 C Model.

Model Helicopters form a very important part of the range of scale model handmade aircraft. We have a wide selection of both civilian and military models to choose from famous manufacturers such as Aerospatiale, American Eurocopter, Agusta, Bell, Boeing Rotorcraft, Brantly International, Enstrom, Higgins, Hughes, Hiller, Kaman, Lancair, MD, NH Industries, Piasecki, Robinson, Schweizer, Shawnee, Sikorsky and Westland. Helicopter models dating back to the WW II, the Vietnam and Korean War and until the very present are all available. Every wooden scale helicopter model is handcrafted to the most perfect of detail - they are much more than simple models - they are works of art!

If you require we can also make the 109 in any other airline or private livery (or colour scheme) you require and if necesary in a different size or scale. Just email us a description or photographs with colours and we will let you have a quotation for the necessary customisation.

We can also make bespoke scale replicas of any other private / civil commercial airliner or airliners, helicopter, glider, gliders with engines, military jet, warplane jets, propeller warplanes, biplane, triplane, tail fin, spacecraft, rocket or NASA model you require in any airline, military or civilian livery or colors. We also produce model airship, blimp, dirigible, blimps, boat,and ship collectibles. Wall plaque or seal for military, government or private customers. Wholesale and retail and general customization inquiries welcome.


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